Disciplined Learning: There Are No Shortcuts to a Good Education

We have the Internet, Instagram, Twitter, smart phones, and an array of assorted technologies giving us quick access to information, communication, and resources at a moments notice. We have online stores that deliver products within hours of ordering. Our lives are ordered by the ease of access we have to friends and family, entertainment, andContinue reading “Disciplined Learning: There Are No Shortcuts to a Good Education”

What is Culture?

The twentieth-century English philosopher, Michael Oakeshott offers the following elegant and insightful description of culture in his essay “A Place of Learning”: A culture, particularly one such as ours, is a continuity of feelings, perceptions, ideas, engagements, attitudes and so forth, pulling in different directions, often critical of one another and contingently related to oneContinue reading “What is Culture?”

Education In An Age of Distraction

Writing in the journal First Things, Joseph Claire examines one the chief obstacles to both our intellectual and spiritual lives: a perpetual state of digitally induced distraction. Observing the ubiquitous glow emanating from digital devices during a chapel service at his university, “distracted people distracting themselves during a sacred act,” Claire can’t shake the feeling that he isContinue reading “Education In An Age of Distraction”

Media Literacy and Moral Formation

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic recently appeared on NPR’s Here and Now to discuss the importance of media literacy. Thompson impressed upon the audience the importance of media literacy in the digital age. He urged listeners to examine the provenance or source of the information they encounter. He also cited an article that appeared in US News &Continue reading “Media Literacy and Moral Formation”