Smith Prep Education Foundation

We are thrilled to introduce the Smith Prep Education Foundation (SPEF).

SPEF is a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing the resources to advance the work of Smith Prep in the greater Orlando area and abroad. Funding will target four specific areas of need:

  • Academic and need-based scholarships for Smith Prep students
  • Classroom materials and resources
  • Development and distribution of Christian, classical curriculum
  • and, overseas educational missions.

The Foundation is designed to bring together people with a shared vision for advancing the excellent education programs of Smith Preparatory Academy. The Foundation will:

1. encourage donations, grants, and bequests that support the purpose of the Foundation;

2. nurture school improvement;

3. provide funding for innovative academic and extra curricular programs, staff professional development, and other educational needs;

4. provide for student enrichment and scholarship.

To donate to the Foundation call (407) 260-0157 or email

Donations are also accepted electronically on the SPEF website.