Overseas Education and Missions

Smith Preparatory Academy is actively engaged in overseas education and world missions. Biennial oversea trips are taken by students to learn abroad. Throughout the years Smith Preparatory Academy students have studied in England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. The students have studied the ancient world, the Renaissance, the Reformation, art, architecture, and many other subjects of particular geographic significance.

Smith Preparatory Academy has already begun establishing strategic partnerships to bring much needed aid, such as clean water and mosquito nets, and medical supplies to schools and people across the world. Last summer Smith Prep sent students to Honduras to serve as ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom. This summer Smith Preparatory Academy will again be sending multiple students overseas to serve our common humanity.   Through this work, we have a tremendous opportunity to help these communities flourish. SPEF will aid in the endeavors by providing greater opportunities for our students to learn oversea and serve the world.