Smith Preparatory Academy was founded as a tutorial service in 1994 under the leadership of Scott Smith. Mr. Smith’s desire was to make the riches of classical education available to home-educated students. He began as one of the founding faculty at The Geneva School in Winter Park, Florida but saw a need in the Homeschooling community to offer something truly needed and unique. Over the years the program grew to include students ranging from middle to high school age over multiple campuses across Central Florida.

In 2010, Mr. Michael Phillips took over leadership of the school from Mr. Smith. Under Mr. Phillips’ direction, Smith Prep added a lower school program in 2012 and began offering dual enrollment classes in 2015. Serving as a board member the FCCPSA, accreditation agency, Mr. Phillips began moving Smith Prep in the direction of becoming a fully accredited private school.

Smith Preparatory Academy moved from a one day a week program to a fully comprehensive two day a week private school. The school combines the best parts of a traditional homeschooling experience with that of a classical private school education. Smith Preparatory Academy has become community of qualified Christian teachers. Each instructor is highly experienced in his or her field and all of them love their students. Most of the Upper-School teachers have graduate degrees or higher and are qualified instructors at accredited colleges.

Our graduates are college bound with many of them heading to some of the best universities around the world. Our standardized test scores exceed most private and colloquial schools. The students love to learn and our program is building a community virtuous scholars.

At the heart of our program is a devotion to cultivating in our students a deep love of God, the world He has made, and the Church He has redeemed. This has remained Smith Prep’s purpose throughout its history.