Elective Courses Designed to Prepare Students for the Intellectual and Moral Challenges of Our Secular Age

Our students live in a cultural context that is increasingly inhospitable to Christian faith and practice, particularly in the arena of secular higher education. With the challenges of modern culture in mind, Smith Prep has designed a series of elective courses to prepare students to live in the public sphere with intellectual and moral integrity.

These semester-long, full-credit courses will be taught by teachers with graduate training and advanced degrees in the relevant fields.


Course Offerings

Christ and Culture

Culture is the backdrop against which we seek to live faithfully and expand God’s kingdom. This course examines the intellectual, political, economic, and technological roots of modern culture and the particular challenges modern culture poses to the life of the believer and the work of the Church.

Foundations of Western Civilization

Western civilization is grounded in the traditions of Greek and Roman cultures. This course explores the intellectual, cultural, and political roots of Western civilization through an in-depth and lively exploration of Greek and Roman history.

Faith in the Digital Age

We live our lives in a world dominated by technological change. How do Christians think about and evaluate technologies ranging from social media to genetic engineering? How do new technologies empower us, and how do they tempt us? How do new technologies encourage us to see the world and relate to one another? By taking up questions like these, this course will prepare students to live wisely and faithfully in a technological age.

History of Scientific Revolutions

Are modern science and Christian faith really at odds? What is the relationship between belief and scientific discovery? How has modern science shaped society? These questions will be at the heart of this course examining the historical roots of modern science as well as its momentous consequences for the shape of the modern world.

Christian Ethics

The goal of this course is to prepare students to apply their Christian beliefs to both the practice of everyday life and extraordinary circumstances. The history of ethics will be examined and a variety of ethical questions will be explored within a robust Christian framework for moral decision making.

Life and Thought of St. Augustine

The course will explore Augustine’s classic texts including the Confessions, The City of God, On Christian Doctrine, and On the Trinity with a view to better understanding our own moment of cultural confusion and learning how we should navigate the tensions of living as both citizens of the City of God and the City of Man.


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