Consumerism is Killing a Good Education

Education is not a simple commodity that is easily purchased off the shelf of a market or indiscriminately obtained by the memorization of facts.  To educate a child takes more than a good curriculum, a good teacher, and well-meaning parents. A good education takes time, discipline, and sacrifice. It is not easy, at times itContinue reading “Consumerism is Killing a Good Education”

The Benefits of Reading Aloud

In this post, our 3/4 grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts, discusses the benefits that come from parents reading aloud with their children.  Why is reading aloud the type of activity that parents seem to avoid? Is it the time it takes, time away from chores that endlessly call to parents? Is it because a parent mayContinue reading “The Benefits of Reading Aloud”

Smith Preparatory Academy: A Truly Christian Education

We are living in tumultuous times. Political and social unrest characterize our culture. Political divisions grip our conscience, propelling us to aggressively embrace or denounce party affiliations. Many people are despairing about the current state of affairs and disillusioned by the violence and protest coming from every side. Most are displeased with the prospect ofContinue reading “Smith Preparatory Academy: A Truly Christian Education”

Seven Reasons to Choose Smith Prep

Our Headmaster, Mr. Michael Phillips, discusses the qualities that set Smith Prep apart. You can find dozens of schools representing various philosophies of education throughout central Florida. Daily we hear of schools offering the newest and greatest technologies and the next best thing in education. Some schools advertise their niche programs enticing families with a narrowlyContinue reading “Seven Reasons to Choose Smith Prep”

What is Classical Education?

What is a classical education and is it still a good option for students today? A simple answer to the question, “What is classical education?” can be surprisingly difficult to come by. And it many not be obvious what a tradition of education that emerged in the ancient world has to offer students growing upContinue reading “What is Classical Education?”

Andrew Pudewa, Writing, and Classical Education

Last month, Smith Prep was pleased to host a mini-conference on writing and classical education with Andrew Pudewa. Mr. Pudewa is the founder and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) and a well-respected and sought-after speaker within the homeschooling community. Mr. Pudewa delivered two talks and took part in a round tableContinue reading “Andrew Pudewa, Writing, and Classical Education”

Disciplined Learning: There Are No Shortcuts to a Good Education

We have the Internet, Instagram, Twitter, smart phones, and an array of assorted technologies giving us quick access to information, communication, and resources at a moments notice. We have online stores that deliver products within hours of ordering. Our lives are ordered by the ease of access we have to friends and family, entertainment, andContinue reading “Disciplined Learning: There Are No Shortcuts to a Good Education”

What is Culture?

The twentieth-century English philosopher, Michael Oakeshott offers the following elegant and insightful description of culture in his essay “A Place of Learning”: A culture, particularly one such as ours, is a continuity of feelings, perceptions, ideas, engagements, attitudes and so forth, pulling in different directions, often critical of one another and contingently related to oneContinue reading “What is Culture?”

What Madeline Can Teach Us About Classical Education

What is classical education? Sometimes our answers to that question are long and elaborate, and sometimes a children’s book puts the matter simply and beautifully.  In the story of Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans, we meet twelve girls who lived at a boarding house in Paris, “twelve little girls in two straight lines.” “In two straightContinue reading “What Madeline Can Teach Us About Classical Education”