House System

fullsizerender-1In the fall of 2014, Smith Prep launched its House System, the integral component of student life at the school.

House systems have their roots in the English boarding school tradition, and they have been widely used on both sides of the Atlantic. Smith Prep instituted its House System in order to achieve a number of related goals. First, to provide our students with opportunities for leadership and service. Second, to foster a deeper sense of school unity while nurturing relationships among students of different ages. Finally, to advance our stated mission of cultivating virtuous Christian scholars.

All Upper School Smith Prep students belong to one of three houses: Augustine, Aquinas, or Edwards. These houses have been named after three outstanding Christian thinkers, one each from the ancient, medieval, and modern church. Each house brings together students from all Upper School ages.

Each house elects four officers: the Head of House, the Steward, the Scholar, and the Ambassador. Together the officers guide their houses through the year’s activities including the Annual House Games held each fall, community service projects, and numerous individual House events such as Christmas parties and outings. The officers also help plan and organize the annual House Ball held each Spring.

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