Dress and Decorum

Smith Prep strives to foster a school culture that nurtures Christian virtue and sustains the life of the mind. We believe that how students dress and how they carry themselves on campus are both important elements of that culture. In both cases, we desire a culture that embodies and reinforces the virtues of humility, selflessness, civility, respect, and collegiality.

Toward that end, Smith Prep students are to be in school uniform from the time the arrive on campus until their departure. We believe, and research has shown, that school uniforms can encourage a sense of community among students and sustain a spirit of academic seriousness by mitigating unhelpful distractions and social pressures.

Follow this link for Lower School dress code and ordering information.

Follow this link for Upper School dress code and ordering information.

Our students are also expected to adhere to a standard of conduct grounded in the Christian conviction that each person is made in the image of God and in Christ’s command to love our neighbor. All students are expected to show utmost respect for fellow students of all ages, for faculty and staff, for parents, and for all guests to the Smith Prep campus.

“Manners are of more importance than laws,” the Irish philosopher Edmund Burke wrote. “Upon them, in a great measure, the laws depend.” Burke was right because our manners, the small rituals that order our interactions with one another, embody assumptions about human dignity. For that reason, Smith Prep aspires, in its approach to both dress and decorum, to instill a set of manners in our students that reflect and express a Christian understanding of virtue and human nature.