Student Life

At Smith Prep, we believe that the life of the mind and the heart both depend upon community.

Smith Prep is devoted to creating an environment that is conducive to the flourishing of Christian virtue. Our curriculum and instruction are integral to the fulfillment of this goal, but they are only part of a larger effort. Virtue, after all, is not merely a matter of the intellect. The pursuit of virtue is also a matter of the heart and its habits, and it is grounded in the life of a community. It is our desire to create a school culture that works as an integrated whole toward the cultivation of Christian virtue and the pursuit of academic excellence. This includes an intentional ordering of our day, the fostering of meaningful relationships, and working together with parents to address the spiritual needs of our students.

The foundation our school community is the House System. Our vision for culture of the Smith Prep community also informs our policies regarding Technology and Dress and Decorum.

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