Upper School

In the Upper School program, students move from Grammar to Dialectic and Rhetoric. The Lower School aims to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills across the academic disciplines. The Upper School strives to instill habits of sound, critical reasoning and cultivate eloquence in communication.

While Grammar stresses the accumulation of information and mastery of fundamentals, the Dialectic emphasizes the passage from information to knowledge, which requires logic and critical thinking. Students study formal logic during their middle school years in order to sharpen their analytic skills. Additionally, in each subject area they begin to learn the distinctive logic of the discipline: to think as historians, scientists, writers, etc.

Finally, the Rhetoric stage trains students to communicate effectively and encourages them to apply their knowledge to the pursuit of wisdom.  Ultimately, we desire for our students to be not only well-informed and clear thinkers, but also eloquent, wise, and devoted to the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty.