Lower School

14124563_1255401221177999_6040348633513551240_oLower School Program

The Lower School years are referred to as the Grammar Stage of a classical education. During these early years, we strive to create a stimulating and supportive environment in which students develop a love for learning and the foundations necessary to become life-long learners.

Young children delight in imitating and memorizing. This enthusiasm lends itself to learning the grammar, or building blocks, of language, history, theology, math, and science. We appeal to children’s natural curiosity, and we incorporate as many of their senses as possible in the learning process. Children enjoy learning through rhymes, songs, chants, jingles, and movement. Great emphasis is placed on review and creative reinforcement. These are some of the most effective ways children learn historical information, science methods and terminology, grammar rules, math facts, and scripture passages.

Our goal during the Grammar Stage is to lay a strong foundation for life-long learning. This foundation is critical for children as they embark on the path to becoming knowledgeable, clear-thinking, and eloquent adults, who are equipped to worship God and delight in the world He has made.

Curriculum Overview

Note: First through Fourth Grades will study the same period of history, learn about same area of science, and read the same literature books.

Math: We use Rod and Staff throughout the Lower School.

Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Grammar: Rod and Staff and Spelling Workout are our spelling curriculum, taught in conjunction with Shurley English.

Science: Our science curriculum cycles through the Exploring Creation series, including Zoology, Botany, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physical Science.

History: First through fourth grades cycle through the four Story of the World books by Susan Wise Bauer covering ancient through modern history. Fifth and sixth grade review the history of the world in biographical perspective with curriculum from Memoria Press.

Bible: Our students read through the entire Bible every four to six years. We also use the Westminster Shorter Catechism as a foundation for instruction.

Latin: Our students are introduced to Latin beginning in first grade with Prima Latina. Third and fourth graders work through Latina Christiana. More focused Latin instruction begins in fifth and sixth grade with First Form Latin. All Latin curriculum is from Memoria Press.

Art and Music: Students also receive an hour of instruction in Art and Music each week. In art, students work on a variety of projects that introduce them to the possibilities for art latent in a variety of materials and techniques. In Music, students explore the fundamentals of the art of making sound beautiful with a variety of simple instruments and, especially, the human voice.