“Praise the Lord for the faithful servants on staff at Smith Preparatory Academy! Not only has Smith Prep’s model of classical education and rigorous academic standards challenged our two sons to develop cognitively, its ambitious philosophy of teaching students to seek truth, goodness, and beauty across the curriculum enabled them grow morally and spiritually as well. My wife and I truly appreciate the integral role Smith Prep faculty plays in helping us disciple our young men. It is much more than just another Christ-centered school that offers classical education. Smith Prep is a small campus of big thinkers, an intimate community of virtuous young scholars, and a loving extended family that blesses us immensely.”

Mr. Don Levonius (Parent, 2013-present)


“Smith Prep Academy has richly blessed our four children over the past 7 years. The teachers have both challenged and encouraged each of our children in their academic endeavors and in their spiritual growths. Through their classical education model, the teachers have greatly enhanced critical thinking and have developed valuable communication skills. Two of our children are now thriving in college, largely due to the education they received at Smith Prep. In addition, their entire staff has walked and prayed with us through life. Our family strongly recommends Smith Prep Academy: where they challenge students, prepare them for success, and equip them to be disciples of Christ.”

The McCain Family (2012-present)


“Smith Prep taught me in a very tangible way how to better live as a Christian.  Smith Prep provided a community in which we could practice service, leadership, humility, and love, teaching us how to better represent Christ in a broken world.  We practiced in the classroom as we discussed together; we practiced in the chapel as we prayed together; we practiced at the Ball as we respected one another; we practiced within the Houses as we welcomed one another; we practiced at Leadership Camp as we helped one another.  Smith Prep builds the disposition of its students through these seemingly small but frequent lessons by which we were being taught how to better love Christ, love others, and love ourselves.”

Megan Alsene (Student, 2012-2015)


“I attended Smith Prep throughout high school, and my years there were very formative for me. The education I received at Smith did what an education should do. All my teachers, everything I learned, and the friends I made helped me grow in my faith and my understanding of God, the world, and others. I loved my time at Smith.”

Dorie Oharek (Student, 2013-2017)


“Smith Prep taught me to love. It taught me to love God, love his world, and love his image, humanity. Smith provided a community that felt safe, honest, open, and welcoming. Smith pushed me and my friends to think about things beyond sports and Star Wars, to think about God and what he wanted from us. Smith was my home, and I will never forget it.”

Christopher Larson (Student, 2010-2017)