Andrew Pudewa, Writing, and Classical Education

Last month, Smith Prep was pleased to host a mini-conference on writing and classical education with Andrew Pudewa. Mr. Pudewa is the founder and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) and a well-respected and sought-after speaker within the homeschooling community.

Mr. Pudewa delivered two talks and took part in a round table discussion with Mr. Phillips and Mr. Sacasas. You can listen to one of those talks and the round table discussion here.

In the first talk below, Mr. Pudewa discusses the value of imitation and its place in a classical writing curriculum.


In the round table discussion, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Sacasas, and Mr. Pudewa take up the role of technology in writing and classical education.


We trust you will find both of these resources valuable and edifying. We are grateful to Mr. Pudewa for his time and work. Please feel free to share the link.


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