Why Study Biblical Womanhood?

This fall, our administrator, Traci DeBoer, will be teaching an elective called Biblical Womanhood. In this post, she explains why such a class is needed. 

fountain.jpgOver the years, my husband and I have enjoyed the task of “preparing the hunt” for our kids. Whether it involved hunting down hidden clues that lead to a basket, or searching the landscape for colorful eggs, it was time spent in gleeful anticipation of both preparing the hunt and watching our kids discover their treasures.

We prepared the gift. Our children took steps to find the clues, decipher the words, and then followed through toward the goal–the prize.

This reminds me of Jesus’ words in Matthew 13 that tell us there is a treasure out there worth sacrificing everything we have. The kingdom of heaven starts here on earth. We can actually know and interact with our King and Creator. The incredible generosity of God is first displayed in His general revelation. Creation loudly proclaims the mighty works of God. In addition to this glorious gift, He gave us special revelation–His written word, to enlighten our hearts even more. Consequently, for those who find the value in these, He has even made known the hidden things of the kingdom for those who seek it. For most, it remains hidden. Proverbs 25:2 states “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.”

What does this have to do with Biblical womanhood? When God revealed Himself to my own heart 26 years ago, I was amazed by my hunger to know Him fully. He generously gave me the desire to search Him out. In my pursuit to discover more about Him, I found a link hidden in my own design and purpose. Before His Son came to earth in the flesh, He had already placed something living and tangible, in the creation of man and woman, that was designed to be a part of this unfolding revelation.

In studying God’s Word, I have had to confront truths about design, roles, and gender. As I embrace one, it sheds light on another. Barbara Mouser, author with the International Council for Gender Studies, mentions a childhood proverb her father often quoted, “Light obeyed brings more light; Light rejected brings the night.” [1] The Psalmist, David, also reminds us that “for with you is the fountain of life; in your light do we see light” (Psalm 36:9). The scriptures are full of references to light as truth. Embracing truth helps me see more clearly. Like a child on a hunt, I find incredible joy as I accept and embrace the truths of my design and God’s generosity continues as He unfolds another. I have encountered a deep intimacy with Christ that can only be found in pursuit. I have found a treasure worth sacrificing everything.

Barbara Mouser states, “Our ancient foes–the world, the flesh, and the devil—are the same from generation to generation; yet the shape and form of the battle changes. Nothing quite like the early twenty-first century amalgamation of modern feminism, pseudo-science, and ancient idolatries has been seen before in history.” [2] Thankfully, I had a grounding in scripture when I headed to college. Most of my professors were active feminists, men and women alike, whose philosophies and agendas were opposed to the truth of the Bible. God graciously gave me favor with them as I respectfully stood my ground. Two of my professors even traveled over 60 miles to attend my wedding after weeks of trying to persuade me to remain single and pursue graduate school instead.

Our daughters will encounter this to an even greater degree. I join with Mouser in desiring to engage today’s women, not with new doctrines, but with the whole counsel of God so that the next generation will be grounded in His truth as they develop their theology of femininity. In specifically offering further study in Biblical womanhood, my intention is to partner with other members and families of Smith Prep committed to cultivating the hearts and minds of our students, giving them the tools to better shape their unique gifts and calling in God’s world.


[1] Barbara Mouser, Five Aspects of Woman (Monument, Colo.: Snowfall Press, 2012), Vol 2, 33.

[2] Mouser, Vol 1, vi.

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