Announcing Track D for 2017-2018

We are excited to announce that Smith Prep will be offering a Track D program for the 2017-2018 school year. Our Upper School has traditionally included Tracks A through C, corresponding roughly with 9th through 11th grade. Beginning this fall, however, we will be offering a senior year program that will include three dual enrollment courses, two electives, and a capstone senior research project.

The three dual enrollment courses will be offered in partnership with Palm Beach Atlantic University. During the fall semester, Track D student will be enrolled in Freshman English I and General Psychology. During the spring semester, they will take Freshman English II. These courses will total nine college credits.

Students may then choose two from among the various electives offered at Smith Prep. These electives are academically demanding courses designed to prepare students for the rigors of higher education and the challenges of secular society. To learn more about these classes, visit our Electives page.

Finally, students will be paired with a faculty adviser to work on a capstone research project. Planning for this project will begin in the fall. The project will be a culmination of the student’s time at Smith Prep and will encourage them to put the knowledge and skills they have learned to work as they seek to make their contribution to a specific area of knowledge they have chosen. Students will then present their research to the school community at a special event near the end of the spring semester.

For more information about Track D, please contact our office.


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